Limited Edition Prints
Commemorating the 125th Anniversary
of the Battle of Gettysburg

Two of the Civil War's great cavalry commanders, Brigadier General George A. Custer and General J.E.B. Stuart, met on the battlefields of the three day battle that would become the turning point of the war and the "high water mark" of the Confederacy's northern advance: Gettysburg.

Now these heroic figures are made available to you in the form of beautiful limited edition prints commemorating the 125th anniversary of the historic confrontation that took place in Gettysburg on July 1st, 2nd,and 3rd, 1863.

Printed on high quality acid free paper, these exceptional prints will be of interest to Civil War enthusiasts for their authenticity and careful attention to detail, and to anyone who appreciates fine art for its own beauty.

In addition to Custer and Stuart, this series of four prints honors the common soldiers, many of whom were mere boys, who fought and died at Gettysburg. Captured by the pencil of Gettysburg artist Don Rinehart, both the famous and the unknown are depicted in poses which are reminiscent of the formal tintypes of the period. This allows the viewer to see with great clarity the uniforms and weaponry of the two cavalry officers and the two young privates, one of whom represents the 24st Michigan, a regiment of the "Iron Brigade," the other represents the University Greys from the 11th Mississippi Regiment.

Gettysburg artist. Donald L. Rinehart is uniquely qualified to bring the gallant men of the Civil War to life through his creative artistry. Born in 1951 at the Carlisle War College Hospital, he has lived most of his life in close proximity to the historic battlefields of Gettysburg. A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Rinehart has been a freelancing commercial artist in the Gettysburg area for the last eighteen years. In 1973 he enlisted in the United States Army where he served as an arts and crafts specialist. Since then he has continually expanded his artistic horizons into a wide variety of mediums including watercolor, oil, airbrush, stained and etched glass, and of course, pencil, of which these four prints are fine examples.

Each print comes with its own commemorative insignia, designed exclusively for the l25th Anniversary by the artist, as well as the personal guidon used by Custer and the battleflag used by Stuart, or the flags of the regiments. The size of each signed and numbered print, suitable for framing, is 14" by 20". A special limited edition of hand colored prints is available for order as well. For more information. about this very limited series, contact:
c/o Rinehart Studios
12 West Locust St.
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
phone: 717-766-6400

These high quality 14" by 20" prints are suitable for framing. Each has been signed by the artist. The edition will be limited to only 1,250 prints.

Each Print Costs $35
Purchase All Four in the Set for Only $100
Special Hand Tinted Prints are $100 each. All Four $350
Framed and Matted Prints $85. All Four $300 Special Hand Tinted Prints Matted and Framed $150. All Four $500

Prices Do Not Include 6% PA Sales Tax or Shipping and Handling


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