Special thanks to Steve Recker's Virtual Gettysburg for providing these striking panoramic views of the Gettysburg National Civil War Battlefield. For more information or to purchase the entire "Virtual Gettysburg Tour" click HERE.

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Confederate reinforcements arrive from the north

When 8,000 Confederates come in behind us, Robert Rodes finds himself in a remarkably good situation. He is on the flank of the Union position�like a big �T,� about as good as you can get, tactically speaking, in the American Civil War. This position is a general's heaven, and Rodes has to be salivating at the prospect here. The very first thing he does is set up 14 cannons on top of this hill, to start firing down the Union battle line. From that fire, about 500 Union soldiers retreat from McPherson's Ridge across these open fields and into that tree line�the Railroad Woods again. Rodes sees those men retreating into the woods, and he is determined to go after them...