Special thanks to Steve Recker's Virtual Gettysburg for providing these striking panoramic views of the Gettysburg National Civil War Battlefield. For more information or to purchase the entire "Virtual Gettysburg Tour" click HERE.

Note: Click, hold, mouse left, right, up or down to view 360 degree pano. Use plus or minus to zoom.

Confederate attack on Union left repulsed at the point of a bayonet

...Now there are 10,000 Union soldiers in the battle line, from the Pennsylvania Memorial to just short of this hill. Those solders are under the command of a political general from the state of New York by the name of Daniel Sickles. As soon as Sickles is placed on the Union left flank in that position, he doesn't like it. The reason he doesn't like it is that he's been given the only low ground on the entire Union battle line to defend, and it's no fun to defend low ground in any war. On his own and without orders, he breaks away from the rest of the Union battle line and advances his men forward, looking for better positions. Now he's putting the entire Union battle line at great risk...