Special thanks to Steve Recker's Virtual Gettysburg for providing these striking panoramic views of the Gettysburg National Civil War Battlefield. For more information or to purchase the entire "Virtual Gettysburg Tour" click HERE.

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Desperate evening attack against Union right flank foiled by breastworks

...In the afternoon of July 2nd, there will be approximately 5,000 Confederates attacking this hill. Earlier in the day, however, the Union commander at Gettysburg, George Gordon Meade, is very worried that Robert E. Lee is going to attack him on this hill. Meade therefore places 10,000 Union soldiers on top of this hill�the entire Union 12th Corps under the command of a major general by the name of Henry Slocum. Of course, you'd say to yourself, if 5,000 Confederates attack uphill toward 10,000 Union soldiers, then the Confederates simply won't have a very good chance of success on this hill�and you'd be right.However, something very unusual happens here that gives the Confederates a much better opportunity...