Special thanks to Steve Recker's Virtual Gettysburg for providing these striking panoramic views of the Gettysburg National Civil War Battlefield. For more information or to purchase the entire "Virtual Gettysburg Tour" click HERE.

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Final resting place of 3,512 Union dead dedicated by Abraham Lincoln

...On July 10th, just a few days after the Battle of Gettysburg, the War Governor of the State of Pennsylvania, Andrew Curtin, came to Gettysburg to view the carnage. He was given a tour of this battlefield by a 32-year old attorney by the name of David Wills. What the Governor of Pennsylvania saw sickened him. There were 8,900 men who died on the field without seeing a doctor. Two thousand more died at Gettysburg hospitals over the next 60 days. The majority of the 8,900 men who died of terrible wounds on this battlefield were pretty much buried where they fell. Right after the Battle of Gettysburg, there were days of rain that washed out the graves. There were puddles with arms and legs and skulls sticking out of the mud...