(formerly the HISTORIC FARNSWORTH HOUSE Ghost Walks)

Gettysburg Sleepy Hollow Candlelight Ghost Tours "While much is too strange to
be believed, nothing is too
strange to have happened" -T. Hardy

Join us in our sixteenth season (at our New location 56 Steinwehr Ave.) as you walk with us into the realms of the unknown; escorted by a period dresses guide, back in time down the very streets soldiers walked a century ago. Not merely confined to the familiar and printed stories of recent years, our stories and walks are not bound to scripted material thus enabling us the creativity to keep our walks fresh and entertaining, making each walk a new experience. Hear many "first hand" experiences some visitors have had while out on our walks! Our tales and ledgends are blended with bits of human interest and historical fact also making them educational for all ages. The only Ghost Tour in Gettysburg owned and operated by Cindy Codori Shultz (6th generation granddaughter to Nicholas Codori, of the Codori Farm, site of Pickett´s Charge.

**Mentioned in the "Discovery Travel"(Haunted Holidays) Book, "Spirits of the Civil War" and as seen on The Food Networks "Extreme Cuisine".

The only limitation on our tours is that of your own imagination. Many have experienced sightings of their own while walking with us. Will you be among those who have seen the ghostly form of a visitor from another time and dimension clothed in his top hat and cape?

For more Information Call Us At: 717/337-9322 (under Attraction or Ghost and Walking Tours)