The Gettysburg National Tower
Where History USE TO Come Alive


Weighing nearly 2,000,000 lbs. with 5 miles of steel connected by 14,000 bolts, the Gettysburg National Tower is anchored into granite with 15,000 tons of concrete. It rises 393 feet to the top of its flag pole in a patented, hyperbolic hourglass shape of 94 ft. base, 33 ft. waist and 70 ft. top. Certified against lightning damage and computer analyzed for safety, the carpeted, air-conditioned and heated capsule, holding 750 visitors, is reached by two elevators or 508 screened stairs.
Browse through oldtime Sutler's Gift & Souvenir Store. Enjoy the breath-taking view 307 feet above the historic terrain where Union and Confederate armies fought the largest battle on American soil in July 1863. Participate in our exciting dramatization of the most important Civil War battle. See our Library of Congress displays, photos, and maps.
*Snack Shack, restrooms, free parking, picnic area
*High powered telescopes
*Foreign translations
*Accomodates the physically challenged